cast iron presesoned dutch oven with solid handle

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Description: Preseasoned Dutch Oven with Solid Handle
Item No.: EC2153
Size: A:24.4*22*7.4
Material: Cast Iron
Finish: Pre-Seasoned or waxed
Packing: Carton
Heat Source: with legs: Open fire
Without leg:Gas,  Open fire,Ceramic, Electric, Induction, No-Microwave




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A cast iron pot distributes the heat evenly and less heat is needed to cook the food. It will also retain heat longer, often a pan can be removed from the heat before the food is done cooking and the heat retained in the pan will finish the cooking process.

Since the cast iron will retain heat, there is less fuel needed for cooking. The heavy lid seals the pot and steams the food, which keeps it moist and tender.

Think of flavored cast iron as a way to separate metals from food. Without this protection, your cast iron will retain some of the food you cook, making some meals a little unpalatable. Also, without an oil layer, your cast iron is likely to rust. Then it’s important to make sure you have a coating that covers the surface of your new oven. There are different opinions as to what oil should be used to flavor cast iron. Some people use vegetable shortening, vegetable oil, olive oil or commercially available cast iron hair conditioners. We prefer olive oil to vegetable shortening or vegetable oil because extra virgin olive oil is less likely to spoil.

Cast iron is still the preferred material for a cast iron preseasoned Camping Dutch Oven. Good Dutch ovens have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries.  If your cast-iron Dutch oven is well seasoned and maintained, you can also use it as a family heirloom. because the material is so long lasting. The cast iron preseasoned dutch oven come with the cast iron pre-seasoned.  It is very convenient for us to use it.


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