Cast Iron Jaffle Irons with Handle

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Description: Cast Iron Jaffle Irons with Handle
Size: 32.2x26x5cm
Material: Cast Iron
Finish: Pre-Seasoned
Packing: Carton
Heat Source: Gas, Open fire



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Cast Iron Cookware retains heat for long duration of time, even after removing it from the heat source.

One of the most convenient and delicious meals to make on a camping trip is a freshly toasted jaffle. Perfect for breakfast lunch or dinner, whether its a classic cheesy baked bean jaffle or something a little more indulgent like these banana choc almond beauties, the options are really endless. Unfortunately, bringing your trusty electric jaffle maker isn’t very practical when away camping, especially if you’re off the grid and got no access to power! Luckily you can still enjoy tasty jaffles regardless of where you are with one handy tool, and that is a camping jaffle iron.

If you’re an avid camper and don’t own one of these bad boys then I highly recommend you do so because they are fantastic! Portable and easily packed away, jaffle irons are a must have in your camp gear arsenal. You’ll get heaps of use out of them as they are great for cooking not only crispy jaffles but can be used for a range of other snacks too. They are so easy to use and are great for getting the kids involved with making some yummy campsite snacks!

It’s made from non-stick coated steel wire that’s bent and turned to look like the branches of a tree, and has a rosewood-stained, tapered wood handle. Make kid-pleasing toasted sandwiches and fruit pies with our cast-iron Campfire Pie Iron that seals the edges as it warms the filling and browns the outside. Extra-long handles with wooden grips keep the cook safely away from the fire. Includes lots of delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And our set of four chrome-plated Steel Forks with wooden handles is great for hot dogs or marshmallows. Adult supervision required. If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us.



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