Round Pre-seasoned Jaffle Irons

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Item No.: EC2108
Size: D17.8 L20cm
Material: Cast Iron
Finish: Pre-Seasoned
Packing: Carton
Heat Source: Open fire



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If you like the idea of retro round style jaffles then this is the one for you. Rome’s round pie iron is a great tool for making rounded pie style jaffles. Simply load up your favourite sandwich and chuck it into the jaffle iron, cut off the excess bread and toast away over the campfire for tasty hot round jaffles ready in minutes.  For something different to swtich it up from the standard jaffle, this could be a great pick up.

Round Pre-Seasoned Jaffle Irons are your best choice. Never miss out on a fresh and hot toasted sandwich when you’re camping!

Round Jaffle irons can cook meats, steaks, hamburgers,eggs.It`s the necessary tool for breakfast.

EF Homedeco`s Jaffle Irons are made of quality cast iron and come in both square & round designs. Their short handles, 22 inches in overall length make them perfect for use on a BBQ or stovetop alike. The Jaffle irons come with detachable handles for easy clean up and storage. Available in single, double sizes.

Cast Iron Jaffle Iron

Cast Iron Cookware


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