• Cast Iron Cookware Griddle Plate

    Cast Iron Cookware Griddle Plate

    Large, professional Cast Iron Cookware Griddle Plate is perfect for all your grilling needs. Two convenient handles.

    Measures: 51x26x2.7cm Pre-seasoned for immediate use.

    This sturdy Cast Iron Cookware griddle can perfectly sit atop two stove burners or a campfire, and it is pre-seasoned with a special vegetable oil formula for both convenience and easy clean-up.

    The benefits of cast iron cookware: 1. It is nonstick. Surprisingly, a preheated cast iron cookware rivals the qualities of non-stick cookware, as long as it is properly seasoned and cared for.

  • Cast Iron Jaffle Irons with Handle

    Cast Iron Jaffle Irons with Handle

    It’s made from non-stick coated steel wire that’s bent and turned to look like the branches of a tree, and has a rosewood-stained, tapered wood handle. Make kid-pleasing toasted sandwiches and fruit pies with our cast-iron Campfire Pie Iron that seals the edges as it warms the filling and browns the outside. Extra-long handles with wooden grips keep the cook safely away from the fire. Includes lots of delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And our set of four chrome-plated Steel Forks with wooden handles is great for hot dogs or marshmallows. Adult supervision required. If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us.

  • Round Pre-seasoned Jaffle Irons

    Round Pre-seasoned Jaffle Irons

    Round Pre-Seasoned Jaffle Irons are your best choice. Never miss out on a fresh and hot toasted sandwich when you’re camping!

    Round Jaffle irons can cook meats, steaks, hamburgers,eggs.It`s the necessary tool for breakfast.

    EF Homedeco`s Jaffle Irons are made of quality cast iron and come in both square & round designs. Their short handles, 22 inches in overall length make them perfect for use on a BBQ or stovetop alike. The Jaffle irons come with detachable handles for easy clean up and storage. Available in single, double sizes.

  • Cast Iron Cornbread Pan With Two Handles

    Cast Iron Cornbread Pan With Two Handles

    Unique cooking properties of Cast Iron cook Cornbread Pan evenly without hot spots. EF Homedeco Cornbread pan is partitioned into eight sections for individual, ready to serve portions, theses virtually indestructible cookware should last for generations. Made of cast iron, this pan evenly distributes heat from the bottom through the sidewalls.

  • Red enamel cast iron casserole 24cm

    Red enamel cast iron casserole 24cm

    Made of durable Cast Iron, beautiful enamel interior, and exterior, it provides a 360° heat distribution steam cycle system. It is easy to care for simply wash and dry, and doesn’t require seasoning. Overall this Cast Iron pan is perfect for cooking and serving.

    This beautiful, versatile cookware moves seamlessly from refrigerator to stovetop or oven to the table for cooking, serving and single-dish cleanup.

    Made with heavy-duty cast iron, the Dutch oven retains heat well and distributes it evenly when cooking on a stovetop, oven, or grill.

  • Square Enamel Cast Iron Grill Pan for Cooking

    Square Enamel Cast Iron Grill Pan for Cooking

    Enamel Cast Iron Bbq Griddle red for all your grilling needs such as meats, steaks, hamburgers, poultry and vegetables. Can be reversed and used on smooth side to make morning breakfast such as eggs, bacon, ham, grilled cheese sandwiches.

    Cast iron grill/Griddles can provide everything from crispy crusted pizza to moist, chewy cookies, from fish, chicken to steaks. No other cookware has the same heat retention as cast iron. Different sizes shapes for choosing, Reversible Griddle available.