The Chinese Spring Festival And The Western Christmas

Every nation has its own folk festivals. Those festivals give people a chance to be away from their regular work and everyday worries to enjoy themselves and to develop kindship and friendship. The spring festival is the chief holiday in china while christmas is the most important redletter day in the western world.
The spring festival and christmas have much in common. Both are prepared hefiorehand to create a joyous atmosphere; both offer a family reunion with a square feast: and both satisfy the children with new clothes, lovely presents and delicious food. However, the chinese spring festival has no religious background while christmas has something to do with god and there is santa claus with white heard to bring children presents. The westerners send each other christmas cards for greetings while the chinese people pay a call on each other.
Nowadays, some of the chinese youth has begun to celebrate christmas, following the example of the westerners. Perhaps they do so just for fun and out of curiosity.

Post time: Dec-25-2017