The Cast Iron preseasoned frying pan Skillet

The Cast Iron preseasoned frying pan Skillet
A skillet or frying pan is the most popular piece of Cast Iron Cookware. Made of porous material a Cast Iron Skillet, fryer, or wok will absorb oil and a form a protective coating on its surface. A cast iron skillet is the original non-stick cooking utentsil first used over hot coals in a fireplace and then later on a cast iron stove. New sand casting techniques, and the introduction of pre-seasoned cookware, lends itself to the evolvement of the slick cooking surface, and now cast iron cookware may be used on most electric and gas stoves right out of the box.
Todays skillets come in all shapes and sizes, the round skillet being the most popular. Round skillets vary in size from 5" in diameter to the currently largest pan made by EF HOMEDECO measuring 17" in diameter. A small skillet is perfect for one egg or two, and if a patty or two of sausage is desired along with your eggs, then a 10-1/4" skillet would be your best bet. Twelve inch diameter skillets are very popular for breakfast, a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, and fried chicken for dinner. Larger skillets will accomadate a whole mess of eggs, cornbeef hash, or potatoes. A deep pan, commonly called a fryer, holds more oil, and is perfect for deep frying fish or chicken. A chef's skillet has sloping sides and an arched handle for gourmands who shake as much as stir.
A modern Cast Iron Wok, round with convex sides and a flat bottom, is used for preparing vegetables, seafood, beef, or chicken for your favorite oriental stir fry dish.
Most round cast iron skillets are made with a pour spout on each side, and conventional lids will not fit these. A properly made cast iron lid will fit your cast iron skillet tightly, and redirect moisture back into the pan.

You can use a Cast Iron Skillet for almost anything - as long as you take the time to maintain it and keep it in good condition. That's why I'm going to show you how to easily season your cast iron skillet and keep it in great working order!
I'm sure most of you have memories of your grandparents or even great-grandparents lugging out their heavy-bottomed skillets and frying up dinner. There's a reason these pans get passed down from grandparent to grandchild. Cast iron, when seasoned properly, will last for many lifetimes. You just have to know the science behind the seasoning process and how to do it.
Let's get to seasoning!

Post time: Jul-07-2022