Dutch ovens by EF HOMEDECO have a smooth interior, especially important at the lid seal area, and are unifromly casted with tight quality controls. Casted tangs hold the heavy duty wire bails, making turning, and hanging, a breeze. A EF HOMEDECO Dutch Oven has a hinged bail made of heavy gauge wire which is securely attached to molded tangs on the side of the oven and a loop handle that is attached to the lid allowing it to be easily hooked. The lids of camp style ovens are flanged, keeping the coals from sliding off of the lid and can be lifted while fully loaded with ash and coals. EF HOMEDECO oven legs are an integral part of the oven, built to survive the wear and tear on your camping equipment.
Camp Dutch ovens vary in size from 3 quarts to the largest, a 12 quart, 16 inch diameter oven. The flat lids from camp Dutch ovens are not interchangeable with kitchen Dutch ovens or other Cast Iron Cookware, but can be used, by turning them upside down, as a griddle for frying eggs or bacon over charcoal or campfire embers.
Almost any Dutch oven or crockpot recipe can be adapted to Dutch oven cooking. Water retention is higher in a closed Dutch oven, and working with charcoal is a bit more difficult than setting and controlling your stove heat, but after a few experiments, and our guide to heat control, you'll be baking, roasting, frying, and stewing outdoors, all the while retaining the wonderful flavors of outdoor cooking in cast iron.

Post time: Jan-17-2022