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Where To Buy Cast Iron Cookware

We are cast iron cookware manufacturer, you can purchase the products that you need to contact us.

cast iron cookware manufacturer

1. heats evenly and consistently,  ideal for searing.
2. excellent heat retention and diffusion properties, keeping food warm.
3. preseasoned with vegetable oil to protect rust-developing.
4. healthy for cooking and easy to clean.
Care and use of pre-seasoned cast iron cookware
The cast iron cookware we sell is pre-seasoned. It is not necessary to specially prepare before its first use. Properly caring for your cookware will make it last a lifetime.
How to use:
1. Before first use: Rinse (without soap) the cookware in hot water, then dry completely.
2. Apply a light coat of vegetable oil onto the inside surface before cooking.
3. DO NOT place cold cast iron cookware on a hot burner.
How to clean:
1. Let the cookware cool. Placing hot cookware in cold water will damage the iron and may cause craking or warping. Wash with a brush and hot water. DO NOT USE soap or detergents. DO NOT wash cast iron in a dishwater.
2. After cleaning immediately dry with a towel while still warm, reapply another light coat of oil to prevent corrosion.


Our products are exported to more than 30 countries,efcookware is a professional manufacturer of cast iron cookware.


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